Interview with Robert Kirkman 

I recently spoke with Gale Anne Hurd and she mentioned that she wants to see The Walking Dead go beyond seven seasons and continue to cover new characters and stories. Would you like to see the series follow new characters and reach 100 episodes and beyond?

Robert Kirkman: I would be all for that. It looks like we would be able to do 100 episodes, especially if we keep doing 16 episodes a season. Continuing past that, everyone says that shows usually go seven seasons, but I’m seeing Dexter go nine seasons and Weeds, so people are definitely breaking that model.  I am optimistic that if this show continues to hold its popularity, maybe we’ll keep going.

But, we’re lucky to get to season three and the fact that it looks good for season four makes me really optimistic. I’m just happy that people love the show as much as they do. I wouldn’t want to bank on continued success for decades and decades, but it certainly would be nice.


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    Dexter is going to finish with 8 seasons, not 9 dear!
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    Season four!!…but the day Daryl dies, this shows dead to me -…-….:3
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